Holi’day’ to Holi’night’ Fashion Inspo …

Hi Sweets,


Hope you’re all enjoying your Summer so far. Since we are heading into that time of year where we all get to take off for a week …or two, I thought it an imperative to show all you wonderful readers what has caught my eye over the past few weeks, ensuring your holi’day’ fashion can easily bring you into the holi’night’! So, without further a do…let’s get this started… Heading away you want be comfy, and a pair of leggings, runners and top is not only on trend, but it is travel friendly!

Picture above: 

*Cold Shoulder top is River Island & priced @ €13.

*Leggings Red Herring, Debenhams & retail @ €12

*Runners Penney’s/Primatk  @ €11!

This jumpsuit is River Island and is so comfortable. I mean you could wear this sight seeing during the day, and once the sun starts to set all you need do is add a nice necklace, pair of heels and bingo… Another classy, gorgeous and comfortable outfit! Sweet! 

Picture above:

*jumpsuit is  River Island @ €64.

*Shoes Penney’s/Primark & priced @ €13. 

This next outfit is bang on trend with the floral pattern (without looking too tea party). I had seen this on Joanne Larby (a.k.a The Makeup Fairy) in Tralee and instantly fell in love. It is also a very comfortable outfit. It is a shorts and shirt combo, which is great as you can seperate it to make more outfits. For example, the shorts could go with a nice simple top during the day. Whilst the floral top could be paired with a nice pair of denim shorts, or alternatively a pair of trousers. Then in the evening you could put the whole outfit together with a nice pair of flats, or heels and once again another stunning, beautiful and that all important ‘comfortable’ word that allows us all to sigh an air of relief! 👌💗 

Picture above:

*Floral top is €29.99

*Floral shorts are €9.99. The whole set is from H&M!


This next piece may not be to everyone’s taste. However, the colour is bang on trend ensuring to keep you looking great whilst exploring the local landmarks. This is something that you could dress up giving you flexibility, and ensuring you won’t get caught out where your all important wardrobe is concerned! Sweet!

Picture above:

*Dress is available online and in H&M Stores nationeide retailing @ €39.99.


I spotted these bomber jackets and had to have. Let’s face it when on holidays it can get cool in the evenings and it’s important to put on a jacket and still feel like you’re on your ‘A’ Game. Well @ €19, not only are you not breaking the bank, but you will look on trend and feel good in these pink or green little beauties from Penney’s/Primark! sweet!

Picture above:

*Bomber Jackets are €19 & available in store at a Penney’s/Primark near you now.

This gorgeous plus size jumpsuit is available from H&M and once again such a lovely day look that will bring you into an evening vibe as quick as you can say …cocktail!

Picture above: 

*Jumpsuit is available online and in store @ H&M and retails at €39.99.

This jumpsuit from H&M is so lush. It has lace around the edges to give you that extra bit of je  ne  sais  quoi! This could be great for the beach, or just chilling by the pool. I wouldn’t really wear this sight seeing as it has a relaxed air about it…if you catch my drift!

Picture above:

*Jumpsuits are H&M & are  €29.99.

It is important to have a few comfy shoes with you. All pictured above are from H&M and I don’t know about you, but the stripy ones have a Chanel feel about them. The straw hat is also an imperative for the Sun, and ensures you’re on fleek!

Picture above:

*Shoes are black/stripped are €9.95

*Straw Hat is €12.99 &

*Sandals are €12.99 all from H&M

So there you have it Sweets, I hope that some of these pieces will give you a little inspo for your travels this Summer and remember to be safe!

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Summer essentials…Cocoa Brown Style

Hi Sweets,


Isn’t this weather full of the intoxicating scents of Summer…and with this lovely weather should come a lovely tan. So, my must have Summer products (all from Cocoa Brown) are as follows…first up is Cocoa Brown’s One Hour Tan Mousse in their new dark shade. This is ingenious and Marissa Carter has outdone herself. Not only is this product very easy to apply, you can essentially apply and run. The NEW darker shade is great as it gives a lovely bronzy glow without looking orange and it has the all important Tahitian Gardinia ensuring you smell devine!Sweet! This product is essential for your Summer holidays.


Next up is the Golden Goddess Oil, which is a shimmering dry body or face oil.It comes in a really nice bottle and can be applied over your tan for a lovely healthy glow. Or, alternatively you can use on your cheek bones as a highlighter, and on your collar bones for that extra bit of je  ne sais quoi. Khloe Kardashian is a fan and this shimmering oil should be a daily handbag must have, and is most definitely a holiday essential too.


Another great product is Cocoa Brown’s Chocolate Whip which is an oil free moisturiser and helps to prolong your tan. Wait…it can be used as a stand alone moisturiser and as it contains Vitamin E it can help to reduce stretch marks. So, once again you need to make room for this little beauty in your holiday bag. 


These gorgeous Cocoa Brown Bronzing Gels which are available in both Matte and Shimmer. I don’t know if any of you are like me, when in the Summer my foundation runs. So, rather then looking pasty you can apply this on your face and know that when you go exploring the local sites, or even hit the cocktail bar on a balmy evening,  that you will be glowing.

The all NEW Cocoa Brown Travel Set. How exciting is this? Very!! This extremely handy set includes Cocoa Brown’s new ‘Kind’ range of Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel, along with your all important Tanning Wipes. They are all sold together in a cute see through pack which you can put straight into your carry on travel case. You can Tan and Go! I tried them myself over the weekend and the shampoo and conditioner combo smell divine and left my hair soft and shiny. The added bonus is that I felt confident they would be ‘kind’ to my tan. Which is super important! Cocoa Brown’s NEW Travel Set’s will be rolled out across Ireland over the coming days and weeks and will retail at €7.95! Sweet!


All of the above are a must have for your holiday bag, and you may as well throw in the all NEW Cocoa Brown Self Tan Back Applicator which is proving a popular addition to the family. It is not only putting husbands and partners out of a job, it is making that tricky back-tanning  much easier.


There you have it guys, your Summer essentials are sorted! sweet!

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The Fabulous Flormar Fairy

Hi Sweets,


Saturday I made my way from Cobh down to the Kingdom. Tralee to be exact, to check out the much talked about Flormar range where Joanne Larby AKA The Makeup Fairy, was giving a masterclass on these products. Flormar has been available in Europe for quite some time and it’s not its first saunter onto these shores. However, under the guidance and management of Paul Mooney its first year back is proving to be a great success. Let’s face it if you can fly Alesha Dixon (who is pictured with Paul Mooney below) over for their first Birthday bash …then they’re doing something right.


The products themselves are very affordable, stocked very well, and the packaging is super cute. Joanne (the makeup fairy) is a very hard worker and extremely dedicated to what she does. Did you know that she worked for such brands as Shisedo (which she spoke very fondly of) & Smashbox. She studied child psychology and is a Brand Ambassador for Renault Ireland. Joanne has a combined Social Media audience of nearly 300,000 and along with a Best Selling Book, she is a major Gym enthusiast and goes twice a day… Impressed so far? Well… She is also a stunning looking girl and a Lady.


The standout products for me on the day are as follows; The First Two are Flormars Award Winning Illuminating Primer (pictured below left) which is devine, and with its acacia and green tea (which supports the elasticity of the skin) will ensure a sound investment at just €9.95 a pop…bargain. OH!!It can be used as a highlighter too. Sweet!! The Double radiance Primer (pictured below right) is also a steal at just €12.95 and would give any of the high end products a run for their money. This would also make the ultimate highlighter. Check out Flormar’s Facebook page: Flormar_irl and see for yourself. 


The next standout product for me was the foundation and according to Joanne ‘Semi Matte Velvet is in.’ So, she used Flormar’s Matte Touch Foundation. (Pictured below). Joanne used all Flawless Deluxe Makeup Brushes on the day (which I invested in) where you get six for €20 and they are presented in a cute case! Sweet!


My no 4 standout product from Flormar’s Range is their Bronzing Powder Face & Body which is sublime. It comes in a super disc like compact with a great size mirror. Very handy for this time of year and at €9.95 a great investment too for us ladies who want to bronze up.


Last but most definetly not least is the Flormar’s Mascara (pictured). Which comes in  really lush rose gold packaging. It looks great and promises to lenghten, curl and volumize.


Overall the day was great and with the tickets costing just €5 (which was redeemable against Flormar products). I purchased the illuminating Primar and after using it yesterday and today…can honestly say that it is amazing. The staff in CHChemist, Tralee were very welcoming and the Flormar staff were super attentive and helpful and in partucular Aoife O’Gorman was very helpful and on the ball with all the stock. These five products (mentioned above) would get you well started on your Flormar journey. The only problem is that you’ll keep going back for more and more and more…how bad!


Joanne is a superstar and I was lucky enough to get to chat with her at the end. She is so genuine, hardworking and a super nice lady. It was overall a great day.

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The Kildare Village in the Sunshine

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So, last week I travelled up to The Kildare Village and boy was the weather fabulous. Now, I am a huge fan of this village and journey up their quite often. However, if any of you are familiar with The Kildare Village, you will be aware of the cross wind that sweeps through the car park. Not last week as it was warm, sunny, calm and just plain perfection. The Village itself is kept immaculate. You could quite easily eat your dinner off the ground, this is how well it is kept and this is not an exaggeration.

The Kildare Village is like a candy shop. However, don’t get carried away as in order to get a bargain you might have to sift through the stock. Don’t be afraid to do this. Also, don’t buy a designer product for sake of it as I have done this in the past and it really is a waste. So, my top three shops on this particular trip were as follows…


The Gucci  Shop has been a recent addition to the Village. There are some amazing bags, purses and there is a saving to be had. A Gucci piece will never go out of fashion, so (if you have an idea in mind) google what the price would normally be, and (as this is an outlet village) don’t be afraid to ask if there are any offers coming up, and if there is a better offer that can be had. Remember if you don’t ask…the answer will always be NO! 

Lulu Guinness is one of my all time favourite designers. Her quirky take on a handbag is instantly recognisable if you are lucky enough to own a piece. I am having a major obsession with rose gold and anything gold in general at the moment and have a few outings coming up over the Summer. I was looking for a nice clutch that I could fit a phone, lippy, eye-shadow and my SOSU Contoruing Palette in. I browsed around the shop and caught this beautiful shimmering clutch that almost waved to me. I thought, WOW, I want and need you. However, could I afford YOU? Damn yeah I could as it was reduced from €125 to…wait for it…€28. Ahhhhhhhh! That was me screaming internally with delight as I tried to look all casual whilst asking a shop assistant to ensure tbe price was correct. Yeah it was. sweet!


Links of London is another gem of a store. They are a great brand and the saving to made is great. My brother wanted to purchase a piece for his girlfriend, and whilst she loves jewellery she likes simple pieces. So, we chose a lovely pair of stud earings that were silver and would have normally been €100, but we nabbed them for €30. They come presented in a lovely box and bag and well worth it. Links of London also do amazing watches and I purchased one if their gorgeous summary watches with white straps and made a saving of over €100. I have wanted a nice watch for quite a while and this was too cute to pass up. Sweet!

So, overall a great day, great savings and a great place.I highly recommend you all to visit The Kildare Village and if you’re looking for a nice designer piece then chances are you will pick up a bargain. However, remember that if you don’t need it …it won’t be a bargain.

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My Knight and ‘Shining Armour’

Hi Sweets,

Hope you’re all having a productive week. I have been banging on about this company for some time now, and can say with complete confidence that I am obsessed.


‘My Shining Armour’ is the brain child of the lovely Nikki Boyne, who was born and raised in Kilkenny. Nikki started her career in Events and Management and worked with such companies as Diageo and Nintendo.In 2009 she moved to London where she steadily carved out a successful career as National Account Manager for Boots, Selfridge’s and House of Frasier at Elizabeth Arden and Coty Prestige she managed fragerance brands Chloé, Vera Wang and Juicy Couture to name but a few.

After four years in London, Nikki was eager to get her own vision off the ground. So, in 2014 ‘My Shining Armour’ was born. The pieces are so lovely and range, from a delicate horse shoe necklace to the karma piece (both pictured). Marissa Carter (Creator of Cocoa Brown) is a fan of the karma necklace and wears it daily on her Snapchat. If its a Coachella inspired statement piece you’re after then fear not, as there is a wide variety of choice which can be matched with their stunning range of earrings.

If you like a nice organiser  then the ‘Kate Spade’ Agendas (adored by blogger Suzanne Jackson) not only look divine, they enable you to lead a more organised life. This week Nikki added Ban.do Agendas to their ever growing list of all things beautiful. As you can see above, there is great variery of colour and style to choose from. Sweet! They also added these gorgeous Cinema Boxes which are available in both A4 and A5, and are priced from €25. Love these. both The Kate Spade and Ban.do Agendas along with the Cinema Boxes are available through a secret link (all you need to do is register your email, and the link will be emailed for you to access). They will go on general sale this coming Monday (May 9th). 

This company are also a pleasure to deal with. I myself have ordered from them twice in the last two weeks.I purchased the lovely karma necklace in rose gold (also available in silver and gold) and cost €20. The presentation was immaculate, and the personalised note adds a warm touch.


This week (Tuesday evening) I ordered one of their gorgeous bombay duck egg mugs (Pippa O’Connor snaps hers regularly) along with a cute purse. It was delivered by Thursday, and once again immaculate presentation, lovely note accompanied by a little pack of jellies and was signed by Ber.(great name).


Nikki really loves what she does, and this is reflected in her very user friendly website. There are a variety of beautiful things all chosen with the buyer in mind and speaking of  the buyer, my next purchase will be the Kate Spade Polka dot Agenda. This beauty will enable me to be more organised…and I suppose you could say the agenda may become my Knight and ‘Shining Armour’. check them out  here: https://myshiningarmour.com/cart/  👌

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A gathering of bloggers…

Hi Sweets,



Saturday was an early start as I made my way to attend The Irish Bloggers Conference, which was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Dublin 8. This was my first time to attend such an event and I felt a tad anxious at the prospect of meeting all these talented fellow bloggers.

From Heuston I hopped onto the Luas heading for Jervis Street, from where I continued over the Millennium bridge,and through temple Bar, towards George’s Street and reached my destination. When I entered the lobby I was immediately greeted by the hustle and bustle of activity. I headed straight for the ladies room to compose my jitters. 


Things got moving swiftly and upon entering the room I met the lovely Yvonne from http://www.puttingitoutthere.ie & her twitter is @putting_it. Yvonne travelled up from Limerick with her sister, and they are genuine and lovely Ladies.

There was an impressive list of speakers from the very informative Orla Twomey of The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland, John Carroll from The Public Relations Institute of Ireland to Mandy Mortimor who is an Editor with Tv3. The Vibrant Jake McCabe gave an insight as to how he got off the ground and advised how important it is to be consistent along with sticking to your guns.


Conor Lynch who is a Digital Innovation Expert was very informative and posed the following question: ‘how much is your brand worth to you?’ Next up was a very witty Journalist from the ‘Sunday Post.’ Colette Sexton, who stuck with her passion for journalism and stated ‘it’s better to try and fail then not try at all.’ Colette urged us to be persistent and not be afraid to knock on doors.

Ciamhie McCroy is a Communications Director and is a key note speaker. This Lady really has me impressed. She drove home these three letters M.F.E (Measure Feckin Everything). Keep an eye on your posts traffic. Don’t be afraid to share other’s posts, ask questions, don’t be afraid to ask for help and spread the joy. Ciamhie had this quote on her slide and it went like this ‘make me think, make me laugh, inspire me, teach me something new and I’ll remember you.’ Caimhie was very generous to step into a photo with myself and Yvonne. Cherry Sue echoed Ciamhie’s sentiments and ensured that we ‘add value’ to our work along with the importance of a Media Kit. Sue didn’t disappoint. I am a huge fan of hers, and of course bottled it when the opportunity arose to say hello. 

It was the turn of the foodies, where the Gastrogays were super informative.and encouraged us to think outside the box. Roz Purcell, whose blog Natural Born Feeder has proved very successful and she gave a very honest account of her past relationship with food.


Alison Canavan gave a very inspirational talk on her battle with addiction and how important it is to be grateful, thankful and the importance of your self worth. Paddy Smyth is a ‘gas b***h’ and a ‘pinot gricio enthusiast.’ He is a snapchat superstar where his audience are called ‘disablers’. Paddy was very honest and such a lovely guy. He used lots of humour which he said himself he uses to mask his insecurities. He is an amazing advocate for 13% of our population who are disabled, and Paddy’s goal is to ‘change the mindset of people without disability.’


James Kavanagh was next and knows his stuff regarding P.R and struck a cord when he chatted with his nephew who has atypical autism. Jamie Harrington followed where he had everyone in stitches. Niamh O’Donoghue owned the floor and shared her journey. She drove home the importance of loving your body.


Stephanie O’Quigley who works for Cocoa Brown and whom I had the pleasure of meeting (the week before)at Marissa Carter’s first ever Masterclass. This was held at the lovely Bunratty Castle Hotel in Co Clare (if she happens to hold one of these classes near you, it is imperative you get yourself to one as Marissa and her team are ace). Stephanie is a bright lady and was very informative.


Ellie Balfe spoke of her journey from her blog ‘Ellie Loves’ to becoming  editor of Image Magazine. She stated that ‘people really connect when you’re telling a story coming from you, and they keep coming back,’ which is great advice for all of us bloggers. Brendan Courtney was great and stated how ‘talent rises’ and he drove home to get on Facebook live while they’re still promoting you organically.’ He is so so so nice. Irish Fashaholic was a popular speaker on the day along with the lovely and bubbly Lorraine Keane whom I have followed from AA Roadwatch to Xposé to becoming a lady who is very true to herself.


The goody bags were great, which included Declaré who had 20% off (on the day with a pop up shop)and gifted us all cleansers. The bags also included a necklace from my favourite jewellery company, My Shining Armour. The Body Shop gifted us a lip and cheek velvet stick along with a voucher. Nourkrin gave us supplements which help support our hair growth cycle. Alfaparf Milano gave us a great nutritive mask and shampoo for our hair, and we received whitening tooth paste from Aloe Dent. They were all presented in a lovely purple bag from Wholefoods Natural Foods & Healthcare. 


Along with the Declaré pop up shop there were two lovely ladies from Kerry by the name of Grainne Smyth and Maria Brosnan whose fabulous business  Bake It Easy is over one year old. It is a very handy and easy concept where fifteen cookies can be made in twelve minutes with their Bake It Easy mixes, which are available in a SuperValu near you.  


The wonderfully talented Jin Yong caught my eye with his stunning art pieces and had this wonderful piece (pictured) of Roz Purcell on show. 


Thank you IBA (Irish Bloggers Association) for putting on such a great event and to Image Magazine who are one of Irelands top glossies. It was overall a great day. I met some great people, was really encouraged by the speakers and took from the day the importance of self belief, loving yourself, and not being afraid to be yourself. My journey has well and truly just begun.

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Marissa Really is The “Master” of “Class”

Hi Sweets,


Yesterday I headed off to Co Clare, to the stunning Bunratty Castle Hotel. The Hotel itself is situated across the road from the Castle and was the perfect location for Marissa Carter’s first ever Masterclass. This Lady Boss is a very abled business Woman and since Cocoa Brown exploded onto the scene in 2012, the brand has grown from strength to strength. this is all down to Marissa’s determination, hard work, excellent public relation skills and her kind,generous and grateful nature which is infectious. 


Registration was for 10.30 onwards, and whilst  queing I got chatting with some of the lovely ladies whom travelled from all over including Dublin, Tipperary, Cork and Clare. We all waited with anticipation at what was to greet us once we walked through the doors. We were not disappointed. The gorgeous girls Stephanie, the lovely Ashling and foxy Kate greeted, us with glasses of Pink lemonade. They oozed such warmth and attention, that I knew this was going to be a great day.


As we made our way into the room, the excitement, and energy was palpable. I first noticed a POP UP store at the back from Cara Pharmacy & Beauty. The Event was held in association with Cara Pharmacy & Beauty and they stock some amazing brands like La Roche for skincare to Benefit, Sleek and NYX for your makeup needs. Did I mention their must have Cara Brush Set, which was a big seller on the day, and are a steal at less then €30 …yes a set of beautful brushes in a stunning brush holder…€30! Sweet!



I made my way to my table where I sat beside two lovely girls from Kilrush, Co Clare. It was like Christmas morning with the array of beauty on our tables. I didn’t know where to start…so I dived into my sunglasses from Catwalk which are on fleek!! The Blingleys glasses were hand made by the lovely Hayley Doran, who also made the lush KIM K inspired Rose Wall (pictured above & below).

The photos don’t do this justice! Wowsers! There was a gift voucher from The Bunratty Castle Hotel’s SPA. Oh! Did i mention the gorgeous pastries with fluffy fresh cream and glazed fruit popped on top?! They were handed out by the attentive and curtious staff at The Bunratty Castle Hotel. I noticed a Rose  in my cup…which had me baffled (every table had one and whoever had the rose won a spot prize) oooh!. The spot price was a RALPH LAUREN weekend bag. Thank you Ralph.


Marissa greeted all of us (lovelys) with a very warm welcome. She wore a beautiful lace sleeveless blouse, a pair of black wide leg trousers, and finished the look off with a pair of Louboutins…nice. Her sister was her model for her Makeup Class and the banter between these two was nothing short of hilarious, without being forced. Not only are these ladies, articulate and intelligent, they are funny too and the Class flowed very naturally and organically which allowed us to relax into it.

Marissa swears by the following products as used on her sis: Primer: no 7 Instant Illusion, Concealer: Marissa loves Rimmel’s Match Perfection, which retails @ €7. If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, which is something that Marissa and her sister have to watch as it is hereditary. She recommended YSLs Peach concealer for under the eyes. Foundation: was by Bourjois radiance which I purchased myself and really like it so far, €13. Mascara: CODE which Marissa herself raves about and adores.

This was followed by Cocoa Brown’s tan applied lightly over the foundation. She used a Clarins Blusher on the cheek bones, and at the end added the all important Cocoa Brown’s Golden Goddess.

Joyce Bonelli who is a makeup artist to the Kardashians, and the Brand Ambassador for Cocoa Brown. Joyce adores this product, and Khloe Kardashian even featured this on her app last week! Marissa applied the Golden Goddess onto the the cheek giving a lovely glow. 

Marissa’s tip, when applying makeup its all about preparing your skin first, then you apply your make-up. Sweet! There were Spot Prizes given out from Cailyn Ireland, The Body Shop & Robes4you, who gifted these gorgeous robes with Cocoa Brown written at the back! Adore!


After some afternoon tea and treats and a quick change of outfits from Marissa who wore a little black number, tan high heels from Penneys/Primark, and a Kim Kardashian inspired necklace which i think she got in River Island (she snapchatted a similar one last week). Sweet!


It was the turn of the lovely Make up artist Michelle Fox from Inglot, Limerick. Using Inglot products, she demonstrated, the Inglot signature eye, Brow and Lips. Without boring you too much about the ins and the outs, and ensuring that I leave something for you WHEN you decide that #marissasmasterclass is the best thing since sliced bread. Michelle gave a little tip regarding our eyebrows. She was thought this at beauty school, and it is simply that “eyebrows are sisters and not twins” essentially, they will never perfectly match, and let’s face it, so simple ! Great advice too!



Marissa then accompanied the lovely Lisa from Laserderm Clinic (who gifted us all with a €20 voucher) on stage and scared the life out of us all, with her Skin Analysis Machine. Marissa herself shared with us how she worshipped the Sun, and at twenty Five started to look after her skin. She, was also a guinea pig for this demonstration, along with her dream team which included her sister and Ashling shanahan  (Ashling’s demonstration is pictured above). If you look at the darker picture on the right, this is the Sun damage.


The scariest snippet of information for me, was when three ladies from the audience (non of them were sun worshippers) came up to try out the machine, and yes…you guessed it, there was still sun damage. Moral of this story Ladies, is to LOOK AFTER YOUR SKIN and Marissa stated that it is never too late to start. Here are some of products that Marissa Swears by: Skinceuticals CE Ferulic which has Vitamin C and helps to reduce pore sizes, fine lines and wrinkles, she also recommended Neostrata Illuminating Serum. Revidox+ is a firm favourite of hers (pictured above) and contains that all important Vitamin C. For removing makeup Marissa recommended Declaré  which is a cleansing milk, where a bottle was kindly gifted to each of us. Shisedo cleansing oil was also mentioned. I suggest you write these down as Marissa Carter knows what she is talking about.


After a short break, it was the turn of the lovely Danielle Mahon, who is not only beautiful, she is talented too. She was demonstrating her makeup on non other than Marissa herself, who, is quite particular about who does her makeup. Danielle is one of a lucky few. She concentrated mainly on the eyes, eyeliner, and the flick. Danielle encouraged us to try the flick, and like everything, practice makes perfect. She knows, as she locked herself up in her room until she nailed it, and boy…didn’t she do a good job! She swears by Inglot’s liquid eyeliner and finds it very easy to apply. Danielle Mahon is a gifted makeup artist and not only that..but look at the picture above, where she is wearing a stunning pair of shoes (River Island €60 odd).

Our Swag bags were full to the brim of lovely products, including the Inglot Lip tint Matte, which is a must have, and Marissa has likened it to the Candy K by Kylie Jenner (pictured above), and if the lip kit was anything to go by it will sell as fast. The lovely people at Meaghers Pharmacy gifted us a Purcell & Woodcock candle in Summer Mist. They are an Irish owned company and each candle is hand poured.  The scent is lovely without being too over powering. Thank you Meaghers Pharmacy. Cocoa Brown gave us the lovely Instant Tan Bronzing Gel, which I can’t wait to try out.


This fabulous Flawless Contour Palette, along with their Flawless Wonder Brush were also gifted to us and guys, I was at the Beauty Show a few weeks back in Dublin, and these all sold out super quick. The reviews of this palette have been nothing short of astounding, and at €13 for eight shades, it won’t break the bank. The Creator Paul Mooney seems like a very down to earth, motivated, and a very hard working guy. You can follow him on snap chat @paulmk21 for more. 

Thanks to all the brands and to Cara Pharmacy & Beauty who are the main Sponsors for Marissa’s Master Class and having the POP UP shop was a  super idea. 


Marissa said she was nervous, but it didnt show and if any of you are interested in attending one of her Masterclasseses, then i would secure a ticket, as they will be gone fast! I had such a super day, Marissa Carter is my new girl crush and really is the Master of Class.

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Munster’s Elite Meet Up…

…Hey Sweets,

Last Sunday Week, I made my way down to Limerick, to attend The Elite Munster’s Blogging Networking Event, which was held in the Absolute Hotel in Limerick. My journey was not without it’s drama , as the Bridge out of Cobh (Co Cork) was flooded due to overnight terential rain and winds. Still, I arrived down ..a little late…fashionably late 😉

I made my way into the Hotel where a very helpful gentleman at the desk directed me to the Suite where the event was taking place. I continued up, and crept in the back and sat down. Everybody around me was enthralled with the make-up artist. This very talented lady was Laura Dempsey who was, outgoing and funny… and boy…does this lady know her stuff. she went through the different brushes to use, skin types, products and was very approachable. 


Next up, Public Relations was the order of the day. The lovely Catriona Brennan from Revolve PR went through everything from, making yourself known, the do’s and dont’s, Media Kits, knowing your niche and getting yourself out there. Hiding behind your social media and website platforms is a no no… and it is an imperative to get yourself to events and network, and support other bloggers.


Next up was a very Inspirarional speaker by the name of Kerry Manning Colson, from Fabulicious Fifty, who is a Business Coach. Kerry shared how, and why she got into blogging, and how it has injected “life” back into her, and her everyday being. She is such a kind, bubbly, real and a true lady!  

Professional Trainer, David Coen was very interesting in how he approaches his everyday life with a positive mental attitude. David is a personal trainer and is like an old head on young shoulders. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on. David shows great understanding, ability, empathy, professionalism and has an exceptional ability to communicate to others.

Michael from Educated Machine which are a Galway based company. He went through the do’s and dont’s of WordPress. We can never know too much, and he definitely answered any quereis I had. He does 30 minute tutorials around the country, so, ensure to keep an eye out for him as it is definitely something every blogger should consider doing.

Meagher’s Pharmacy were super generous, and gave each and every one of us a box of goodies on the day. They also gave all of our readers a 10% discount, which was very generous of them. Meagher’s have an exceptionally good online store, and they deliver each item wrapped in tissue paper and are handled with love and care. I am very impressed with Meagher’s Pharmacy and Gillian was super informative and spoke to each and every one of us with such enthusaiam and professionalism. Well done Meagher’s Pharmacy.

Debenhams, personal shopper gave us a quick peek at some fabulous looks for the S/S’16 season. Ladies, they have some gems, and you DON’T have to spend a load of money. Get yourselves down to Debenhams and get looking.

Stella & Dot had some amazing jewellery pieces on show, along with Cailyn, which is a fabulous Irish make-up company. I didn’t know a lot about them before, however, I am now hooked. I purchased a lipgloss and I have not taken it off since the event. The Ladies were so nice to deal with, and they are my new Make-Up CRUSH!!

Last…but not least Stephney and Erin did such an amazing job.They are super Women. Professional, lovely, attentive and excellent coordinators.  The Food on the day was scrumptous, and the staff at The Absolute Hotel, Limerick could not have been more attentive. It really was a superb location to hold such an “Elite” Event…

Did I tell you about the goody bags?! We were all blown away at the generosity of all the brands. However, it could not have happened without these two wonderful Ladies. I am so grateful that I got the chance to have met them both, and look forward to seeing all the lovely, super stylish, elegant and eloquent ladies (all of whom I met on the day) at other events. The craic was mighty at our table, and the talent of these lassys is nothing less then spectacular. I am awaiting with bated breath until the next event, and THANK YOU to The Elite Munster Bloggers for making the day such a great success.


Until next time Sweets,

B x

The Eye of The Tiger!

Hi Sweets,


Today I had a little mosey around Mahon Point Shopping Centre in Cork. I had my usual Cappuccino and Muffin in Insomnia (where they heat your Muffin and give you whipped Cream)👍After looking in lots (lots!) of shops, I found myself heading up towards Zara, when I spotted this cute shop.

It is a very cute shop with very clean, simple, and bright merchandising which immediately drew me in. One could describe Tiger as a kind of mini IKEA (without the furniture, kitchens etc) and with pocket friendly prices too. Tiger is stocked full of frames, bright glasses, contemporary plates, mugs, candle sticks (in all the colours of the rainbow), holders for Sweets, napkins, Orla Kiely inspired biscuit tins, colouring books, cute diaries. Lots and lots of fun, cute and useful things.


Founded in 1995 in Copenhagen, Tiger quickly set up Stores across Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Neitherlands, Greece, Italy, Ireland and Northern Ireland with a view to opening more stores here in the near future.The quirky and unique thing about Tiger is that not only are their prices astonishingly low, there is nothing exceeding €30. Love love love this. They have a Scandinavian view to management, where they encourage their staff to grow with the business. their website states “if you are looking for a revolutionary opportunity in the Irish high street then join us now.”

Many things in life aren’t guaranteed.however, Irish eyes will most definitely be smiling at this Tiger. 👍

Until next time sweets,

B x

A Style “Gonne”By

Hi Sweets,

The Easter Rising centenary celebrations got my little mind thinking over the last couple of days. What did it get me thinking of? Well, 1916 of course. However, not just about the rising, but also the Ladies of 1916. Ladies and rebels of a revolutionary and dangerous time in Ireland. One Lady in Particular has me intrigued. Maud Gonne MacBride was an English-born Irish revolutionary, suffragette and actress, best remembered for her turbulent relationship with the poet William Butler Yeats. He famously wrote…”How many loved your moments of glad grace and loved your beauty with love false or true. But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you and loved the sorrows of your changing face…”

Maude moved in upperclass circles and would most definitely be in the running for any Lady’s Day Competition if she were around today. However, she is not the only Lady Rebel of 1916. No, she most definitely is not. It is an imperative to include the very glamorous Constance Markievicz.

Constance Georgine Markievicz, was an Irish Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil politician. In 1918 she was the First Lady to be elected to the British House of Commons. However, did not take her seat, and along with the other Sinn Fein TDs, formed the first Dáil Éireann. Markievicz paved the way for women participating in the political arena. Wouldn’t she also make another Best Dressed Lady if she were around today. There are indeed facets of this 1916 period style that could be beautifully incorporated into today’s Best Dressed Look.


Speaking of best dressed Ladies,we note that at Fairyhouse today the lovely Emma Hanratty won The Carton House Most Stylish Lady with her take on centenary style. Stunning green dress from Rosie’s Closet Boutique, and very fitting for the centenary theme. Well done Emma.


Until next time Sweets,

B x